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RASTER CHALK Grid M 6x6 Matte

SKU: WW131358
Size: 6"x6"
Thickness: 1/3"
Material: Porcelain
Type: Field tile
Finish: Matte
Color Chalk
Availability: Special Order
  • Res Interior Wall
  • Res Interior Floor
  • Res Exterior Wall
  • Res Exterior Floor
  • Com Interior Wall
  • Com Interior Floor
  • Com Exterior Wall
  • Com Exterior Floor
  • Exterior Facades
  • Exterior Hardscapes
  • Pool & Spa
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Architecture embodies space, form, location, and purpose. Raster, a grid-like structure of uniform pixels, combined to form intricate designs. With the creative ingenuity, vibrant hues, and seamless installation, this collection is a true crowd pleaser. The 6"x6" square pieces of porcelain come in 8 stunning, muted colors and 4 geometric designs.